Economic indicators show stable situation in the country

 Farhad Dejpasand,

Speaking at a joint conference of members of the Supreme Council and the directors of the board of directors of associations of officials judiciary experts across the country, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance said: With the efforts of the authorities and the cooperation of the honorable people, despite the adversaries' most sophisticated constraints as well as the very negative forecasts of some economists, economic indicators show a stable situation in a way that oil-free economic growth has been positive in the six months this year and nine-month statistics show that the country's trade balance has been positive, meaning that exports have been more than imports.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) - Dejpasand said that the enemies have resorted to all means and methods and even appointed supervisors in the central banks of some of the countries involved with Iran to prevent the entry of resources into the country, adding: The pressures are not just limited to oil exports; the enemy has also made every effort to restrict imports, and given that 85% of our imports include intermediate goods and raw materials, production in the country is hampered.

Pointing to the forecasts of some economists last year, including three-digit inflation rate, negative economic growth rate of 15% and the rise of dollar price to more than 40,000 tomans, Dejpasand said: According to the statistics, in terms of economic indicators these days, with the efforts of the authorities and the people, we have far better conditions than last year's estimates of these economists.

Fortunately, in spite of all the bottlenecks, so far we have not delayed the payment of government bonds even for an hour, and we haven't borrowed a single rial from the banking system, he added.

In the year of production, banks have well directed their facilities towards supplying the working capital of manufacturing units, the Minister of Economy noted.

Our effort has been to provide financing to manufacturing units via capital market and stock market rather than banks, Dejpasand added

In the last year, we've all tried to make the stock market reliable for both investors and the financing of manufacturing units, and fortunately as a result of these efforts we are seeing favorable conditions in the country's capital market, and we hope to bring this market to a position where it can receive a significant percentage of the financing of manufacturing units.

Dejpasand emphasized that improving the business environment is one of the tasks of the Ministry of Economy, saying: In the last year, we have been able to hold a number of meetings of the Deregulation Board to remove some of the redundant rules and barriers to business or to organize business licenses in the country.

Unfortunately, there are still people in the executive agencies who think these licenses are the means of exerting their power over the agency under their control, and thus are resisting the removal or modification of them, he added.

In another part of his speech, the Minister of Economy stated that conducting expert reviews and commenting on business-related issues is a key component for decision-making and judiciary authorities, and speeding operations in this area will help improve the business environment in the country.

In ceding state-owned enterprises to the private sector, the government pursues the important objective of improving the economic conditions of the country, he added.

Many privatization cases and problems are focused on pricing disputes, and from time to time, supervisory bodies report that an enterprise is valued less than the actual price, while the underlying belief is that official experts have likely no interest in this, he noted.

Basically one of the things to consider in the cessions is that they do not just include property and building, but, for example, include the brand itself, each of which has different guidelines for evaluation, the Minister of Economy stated.

Officials of the judiciary as experts and trustees of the government in the executive and judicial branches, have a golden role in properly valuing the assets of state-owned enterprises which are ready to be ceded, especially in valuing intangible assets through modeling and precise methods, Dejpasand said.


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