• Divestiture ofTomans670 Billionof the State Shares, during 8 Months
    Since 20 March 2016 (the beginning of Iranian current year) till 20 November 2016 (during the first 8 months of Iranian current year),Rls 6,704 Billion of the state shares are divested by Iranian Privatization Organization (IPO).

  • Cancel Assignment Prices, Main Phase of Privatization
    Economic Affairs and FinanceMinisterannounced: "The main phase of privatization is cancelling the assignment prices and effective steps have been taken in this way."

  • 40 State Fuel StationsDivesting
    Iranian Privatization Organization (IPO) advisor said: "The second auction of fuel stationswill be held on monday 12 November 2016. The value of the auction is about Tomans 270 billion."

  • Tomans 142,000 Billion, Whole the Privatizations of Iranian Privatization Organization
    Iranian Privatization Organization (IPO) advisor said: "Based on available statistics, since the establishment of Iranian Privatization Organization (IPO) in 2001, whole the privatizations of IPO have been Tomans 142,000 Billion."

1enterprises & 1 property are going to divested

Offering Date: sep.18,2017

Transferring Method: Tender  

4enterprises & 1 property(full station) are going to divested

Offering Date: Jul.31,2017

Transferring Method: Tender  

86 Percent of Revenue Objectives of Iran Privatization Organizationfulfilled in the 11th government
Total amount of IRS 33,000 billion Rials of Iran Privatization Organization (IPO) revenue objectives has been fulfilled during 11th government.

13:21 - 2017/10/14


Valuation of 348 State-Owned Corporations In the 11thGovernment
A total number of 348 state-owned companies were valued as a step towards improvisation.

10:44 - 2017/09/27


Strictness In Privatization; Mission Entrusted to Minister of Economic Affairs and Financeby the President
Strictness in privatization and concentration on article 44 of Iran?s constitution is one of the main missions entrusted by President to Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance.

10:38 - 2017/09/27


66 Percent of Divestitures Delivered toRealPrivate Sector
Of all divestitures conducted during 11th government, 66 percent was divested to real private sector.

12:12 - 2017/09/19


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