The Minister of Economy asked for public support of fulfillment of the undertaking stipulated by the notified law for execution of principle 44 of the constitutional law.

While referring to the serious emphasize of the Supreme Leader and the President, he Minister of Economy asked for public support of fulfillment of the undertaking stipulated by the notified law for execution of principle 44 of the constitutional law.

The Public Relations Office of Iranian Privatization Organization reported that during the introduction gathering of Alireza Saleh, the new General Manager of Privatization Organization, while pointing to the historical evolution of privatization in different periods of post Islamic revolution and procedure of legislation for state development plans, Dr. Farhad Dejpasand said: "Despite the emphasize of upstream rules, yet some people are already confused whether it is possible to fulfill privatization here in Iran or not! While upon service of the law on execution of principle 44 of the constitutional law and stipulation of this law and the undertaking inserted there, such debates are irrelevant and privatization is an inevitable issue."

Mentioning that most criticisms made to privatization procedure are focused on the methods of pricing, assignment and competence of purchasers, he stated that: "Once I entered the ministry, I asked for making a vulnerability assessment, because despite acceptance of privatization principle, it is target of a huge amount of criticisms and such criticisms are resulted from a kind of dissatisfaction about the outcomes or the critics believe that it has not been carried out as per the rules and regulations."

"Investigations made indicate that all the assignment steps have been legal but in some cases competence of the purchaser might have been in question and it has been resulted from poor rules that used to believe in sufficient financial ability of the purchasers." Dejpasand said.

He added: "Fortunately, the issue underwent a second thought and competency in technical terms was added to the competency term for the purchasers and presently, if the purchaser has strategic stocks, he has to meet technical competency term." he added.

Why believing that assignment must not be merely limited to sales, Dejpasand said: "A variety of methods such as management assignment, lease to possession, assignment through AFT funds (transferable investment funds in exchange market) must be used."

"The purpose of assignment is both diminishing the government and publicizing the economy." he said it while referring to the stocks of six state refineries as well as Alborz Insurance in the exchange market.

While stating pricing for state exchange companies falls in the scope of exchange market mechanism, Dejpasand informed of providing a package in order to do pricing for non-exchange companies.      

In some other parts of his speech, by recalling two of the parliament representatives being members to the Assignment Higher Board, the Minister of Economy said that: "We expect that the representative of the parliament provide more support of the assignment process and the Privatization Organization."

Emphasizing on what the law stipulates must be supported, Dejpasand said: "The management may make some mistakes in carrying out its duties but mistake must be clearly separated from deviation and corruption."

"That is why we must prepare the business atmosphere in such a way to enable the managers and the persons in charge to take bravery steps in course of the law." he added.

The Minister of Economy emphasized on necessity of proper care of the Ministry of Economy in carrying out its duties related to assignments and stated that: "The main goal of the government in assignments is not merely making profit, although it is understood that making profit cannot be overlooked!" 

In another part of his speech, Dr. Dejpasand referred to the appointment of Alireza Saleh as the new General Manager of Privatization Organization and introduced him as a trustworthy, with an appropriate code of conduct, high capability in management, good knowledge of the law and enjoying bravery.

He reminded that: "The main duty of the Privatization Organization is not merely making profit, but rather to direct cash flow in the right way."

During the ceremony, the Head of the Privatization Organization referred to the fact that the assignments began as of the beginning of the second plan of development under principle 44 and said that: "The general policies of principle 44 follow some fundamental and great goals in assignment of institutions."

According to Alireza Saleh, accelerating growth of economy, productivity and efficiency of physical resources and man power, administration of justice through development of ownership of institutions and encouraging people to invest are the main goals of execution of principle 44 of the constitutional law.

Regarding terms and conditions of assignments, he emphasized on transparency in pricing and making assignments in the form of presenting them in exchange market and appropriate information through public call to make the market competitive.