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Essentiality of structural correction of some enterprises

2018/12/30 | 09:49 code : 9592 Daily News
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Director of Iran Privatization Organization (IPO) enunciated ?Correction of the structure of some enterprises is essential for Privatization.?
Essentiality of structural correction of some enterprises

Public relations liaison of Iran Privatization Organization (IPO) Director of IPO, Mr. Pouri-Hosseini cited“Power plants, water and gas supplier services are subsidized by the government and their ownership cannot be transferred. Among 630 total number of companies due to be divested, 300 are utiliy companies.”

Also regarding the subject of valuation and pricing of these companies, he added “Another obstacle for privatization is that our private sector is not yet sufficientlyempowered and does not have enough financing to purchase some of the enterprises.” He added “Divestiture of companies and enterprises has positively contributed to employment and privatization has not decreased employment.

Pouri-Hosseini regarding the resistance against divestiture of some state-owned enterprises cited “Since the onset of privatization, more than 100 billion dollar worth of shares, mainly in listed, block trade with managerial seats, companies has been divested and many non-listed companies are in the list of divestitures which are mainly non-profit making and loss-making businesses. “

Director of Iran Privatization Organization (IPO) also pointing to order of president for divestiture of all state-owned and semi-state owned organizations including banks and funds also noted “It is estimated that until the beginning of 11th government, 18 percent of divestitures has been delivered to real private sector. But since second half of 1392 until the end of 11th government divestiture in private sector reached 67 percent. In 12th government privatization engagement reached 100 percent. “

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