Third ETF will be offered in the form of shares of three state-owned banks in the future

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance said that the remaining government shares in the three state-owned banks will be offered in the capital market in the form of Third ETF in the future

)SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Farhad Dejpasand told reporters this morning on the sidelines of a cabinet meeting that one of the missing links in the Iranian stock exchange is marketing, added: According to the Supreme Council of the Securities and Exchange Organization, every listed company, even if it is not willing to market itself, must have a professional market maker because it helps stabilize the capital market.

He mentioned the possibility of presenting 'bonds with an embedded put option' as one of the important decisions and approvals of the Supreme Council of the Securities and Exchange Organization in its recent meetings and said: Put option is a kind of guarantee; That is, one firm says, I guarantee my stock for another six months at a profit 20 percent higher than the purchase price.

The issuance of 'bonds with an embedded put option' is a dual-purpose measure that, on the one hand, leads to a safe margin for shareholders and, on the other hand, makes the directors of listed companies have a responsible view of their shares, the Minister of Economy added.

Dejpasand said that encouraging the market through initial public offerings is one of the government's programs to support the capital market: We are currently trying to bring large-scale enterprises into the capital market, including the Persian Gulf Star Oil Company.

In this context, the remaining shares of the government in three banks Mellat, Tejarat and Saderat will be offered in the stock market, he continued.

Such measures make capital market participants always have a variety of choices and opportunities, and we hope that by continuing this, we will be able to have a stable and growing market, the Minister of Economy said.

Dejpasand further stated: The capital market has different dimensions, and the fact that financial and capital market analysts are about what stocks they should have in what period according to the requirements of the stock market, represents the life of the capital market. In the capital market, the calculating intellect must always work non-stop.


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