Launch of the licensing platform of the Iranian Privatization Organization

Electronic platform for registration and issuance of licenses of the Iranian Privatization Organization (IPO) to create transparency and optimal monitoring of the processes of this organization's licenses for companies and buyers and controlling the compliance of the measures taken with the specifications of the issued licenses, started working from July 22, 2020, via the web address

The PR department of the IPO - This system is designed in such a way that in addition to fully monitoring the application process until the issuance of a license, it also monitors the actions taken after that until the end. The licenses, which according to the law are mostly in the areas of registration of legal changes of the company, changes in the status of ownership, and financial obligations of the joint-stock company, will be monitored in cooperation with other organizations and institutions such as the Iranian Central Bank and Company Registration Office, to ensure that the measures taken are in full compliance with the specifications of the issued licenses.

The comprehensive plan for the development of e-government infrastructure has been planned and implemented to increase the transparency of the activities of the IPO and monitor the performance of the organization and the companies and the buyers as much as possible. Accordingly, with the efforts of the colleagues of the Information Technology Office of the organization, the electronic platform for registration and issuance of licenses of the IPO, following the schedule and correspondence with companies related to this organization and following the finalization of program writing, installation, and technical tests, has started working from July 22, 2020.

It is worth mentioning that there are companies in which controlling shares have been transferred, and the buyers are required to obtain a license from IPO to perform some of their activities until the transfer of ownership in finalized, and since the completion of the transfer process of state-owned companies (or the companies that are being considered for privatization) may take several years, the implementation of a centralized, integrated (intelligent) platform that can monitor and track these permits from start to the end, is on the agenda of the organization.

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