EbrahimiSarv’eOuliya: Government’s Recent Ratification Helps Deepen the Capital Market

Companies’ and administrative agencies’ budget that do not increase the free float shares of their subordinate firms to 25 percent, would be decremented.

The Privatization Organization PR- According to Securities and Exchange News Agency (SENA) Supervision Deputy of Stocks & Publishers declared SENA that according to the government’s policies in order to deepen the Capital Market and a respond to the demands of the investors in this market, the council of ministers ratified that every administrative agency ought to increment the free float shares of their subordinate companies up to at least 25 percent; concerning this ratification, the noted amount to reach 25 percent of free float shares must be offered from these institutions.

Mohammad Hassan EbrahimiSarv’eOuliya cited that the guarantee of this subject, according to the ratification of the council of the ministers, would be monthly 5 percent of their particular budget that have not yet increased their free float shares. Also, if the agencies do not offer their shares until the end of October 21st, privatization organization should, concerning the conditions of the market, offer the needed number of shares.

Eventually, he hoped that the administrative agencies that included in this ratification, cooperate to reach the intended purpose.


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