ETF is still stable

The head of SEO persisting that no decision has been made to stop ETF, declared: ETF is still stable

The Privatization Organization PR - As SENA reports and quoting ISNA, Hassan QaalibaafAsl, cited about statements based on halting ETF that the Minister of Economy and Finance and the head of Privatization Organization have not declared any utterance about stopping ETF. Even the head of Privatization Organization stated that ETF is still firm and established.

He, remarking that the ETF application must be promulgated from the Ministry of Economy to the SEO, claimed that by receiving this declaration, the rest of the work would be done but no such request has been given yet.

According to this report, the government decided to offer the remaining stocks in three categories of Insurance and Bank, Refinement, Metal Industry and Automobile Industry in the Capital Market. In this approach, the first supply of ETF which included the Insurance and Bank category was recently offered by “DARAYEKOM” symbol and it is being mentioned that the next would be the Metal and Automobile Industry that includes “FOOLAD MOBARAKEH”, “SANAYE MES” (Copper Industry), and the stocks of the government in “SAIPA” & “IRAN KHODRO”.


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