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Successful Auctions of Iran Privatization Organization

A Board member of Iran Privatization Organization (IPO) stated:”In the most prominent auction of Iran Privatization Organization (IPO) from the beginning of current Persian calendar year, 21st March 2018, to date, a total of 11 companies, warehouses and grain depots with total value of 1,914 billion Rials, out of 16 were divested to the private sector.
According to public relations liaison of Iran Privatization Organization (IPO) Ms. Zohreh Aalipour added “the aforementioned auction has been one of the most successful auctions in the past couple of years. “
Deputy for Divestiture of shares and State-owned Enterprises (SEOs) also mentioned: “Iran Privatization Organization (IPO) by finalizing pricing and other procedures regarding divestiture of other state-owned enterprises and assets, will proceed with auctions through the end of the year. “

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