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86 Percent of Revenue Objectives of Iran Privatization Organizationfulfilled in the 11th government

Total amount of IRS 33,000 billion Rials of Iran Privatization Organization (IPO) revenue objectives has been fulfilled during 11th government.

According to public relations liaison of Iran Privatization Organization (IPO) “A review of figures since 21st March 2001indicates that a total amount of 710,033 billionRials was recognized in the budget corresponding to the revenue of divestitures. Of which, 571,016 billion Rials, 80 percent of the anticipated revenue was transferred to the “Treasury Account” of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance.
Additionally, a total liability regarding payments for divestitures dating back to the period between 21st March 2001 and prior to 11th government stands at 315,700 billion Rials. A total amount of 231,780 billion Rials of the aforementioned value has been transferred to the Treasury account, which shows 73 percent of revenue objective fulfillment prior to the 11th government.
Also during 11th government 394,333 billion Rials revenue from divestitures has been determined in the budget. Of the aforementioned value 339,149 billion Rials has been transferred to Treasury account of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, which shows actualization of 86 percent of revenue objectives of the IPO from the source of divestitures during 11th government. “

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