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Strictness In Privatization; Mission Entrusted to Minister of Economic Affairs and Financeby the President

Strictness in privatization and concentration on article 44 of Iran’s constitution is one of the main missions entrusted by President to Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance.
Iran Privatization Organization (IPO) public relations liaison reported as quoted in the declaration presented by President Hassan Rouhani to Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, MasoudKarbasian; “According to the agenda presented to the public during election and declared to Iran’s Parliament, a.k.a Islamic Consultative Assembly,12th governmentbears a great deal of responsibility.
Limitation of resource in addition to political, bureaucratic, social and cultural restraints on one hand and constitutional obligations of article 44 and “economy of resistance” on the other hand requires that each ministry focuses on certain missions of high priority along with carrying out current proceedings. Each ministry is required to execute structural adjustments in order to actualize the agenda.
Hence, it is required Minister of Economy Affairs and Finance constructs plans with acute focus on following priorities and directions;
1.    Applying meritocracy as the sole criterion for choosing colleagues as well as managing conflicts of interest in cases of decision-makings, designations and appointments.
2.    Prioritization of assigning tasks to the private sector and increasing role of the public in the economy.
3.    Taking steps towards eliminating monopolies and improving competitiveness as well as maintaining control and regulation over existing monopolies.
4.    Strictness in implementing privatization with focus on article 44 of Iran’s constitution and making amendments in case of deviations from legitimate implementation of privatization policies.
5.    Enhancing administrative system of divested corporations through “Justice Shares”
6.    Appointing major enhancements in corporate governance of state-owned as well as divested corporations by means of “Justice Shares”
7.    Improving regulatory system in different economic sectors in order to increase non-government activities, enhance competitiveness and regulatemonopolies. “

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