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Constant Supervision of Iran Private Organization During and after divestitures

Deputy for Planning, Development of Resources & Support Affairs of IPO announced“Iran Privatization Organization (IPO) will apply accurate and constant supervision prior to and after divestitures.”

Davod Khani, public relations liaison for IPO, pointing to enhancing the role and activity of private sector in the economyas one of the main targets of implementation of privatization said “Fostering the real private sector and increasing share of private sector in divestitures are the positive approaches taken towards privatization in the 11th government.”
He stated “In retrospect, divestitures in the past 4 years shows less divestitures to semi-governmental enterprises has been made and more incentives has been adopted to increase presence of private sector and co-operative enterprises.“ He added “On that note, defaulted debts from divestituresof enterprises in the 11th government has decreased which is another positive outcome of privatization in the 11thgovernment.”
Referring toresponsibilities of Iran Privatization Organization (IPO) in regard to the divested enterprises he said” Accurate supervision on setting up and delivering of the agreements is one of the responsibilities of this organization.”  And that “IPO will conduct accurate and constant supervision after divestitures,in order to remove any possible obstacles immediately. “

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